Lady Luck’s Chosen Few: Introduction

Lady Luck’s Chosen Few is a TableTop RolePlaying Game (or TTRPG). In any TTRPG, you have a group of people sitting around a table describing what characters within a given narrative are doing. Within Lady Luck’s Chosen Few you have two sorts of people: there will be 1 Game Master (GM), who acts the officiator of the rules and controls the environment and any Non-Player Characters (NPCs), and there will be 3-5 Actors, who each control 1 (or sometimes more) Player Character (PCs) and drive the story forward. These two groups each take turns describing what happens and (when there is a case in which the chance of a character’s failure could be greater than ~20%) roll six-sided dice (d6s) to determine the outcomes of those actions.

The specific rules can be found through the ‘LLCF’ menu on the top of the page, or by navigating to the next page below.