Me (right) and my wife, Olivia (other right)

E. M. Xavier & Olivia Burgess – X&O

I’m really a world-builder at heart, writing books and creating video games as an extension of that. I also like to occasionally talk about my own insights into life and the universe. The primary world I am working on is that of The Void Jumper’s Continuum, an alternate reality of sorts. My beautiful wife, Olivia, may make posts from time to time, mainly involving photos of myself and our cat, Biscuit.

Current Projects:

Devilspawn – A young-adult drama, set in the Void Jumper Continuum, following the lives of those affected by the disappearance of the son of Satan. It explores themes such as religion, homosexuality, racism, domestic abuse, and drug abuse.

Lady Luck’s Chosen Few – A Table-Top RolePlaying Game (TTRPG), built with making grand narratives of intrigue and mystery with active characters in mind, avoiding being bogged down by combat and game mechanics.

Isle of the Dreamer – A story that takes place in the world of Kithria, the default setting for Lady Luck’s Chosen Few, in which a man is stranded on an island after a storm. With his crew dead, he does everything he can to fulfill the mission of their last voyage. It explores themes such as religion, racism, PTSD, and first impressions.

Divus (NP)- An action-adventure game, made in collaboration with my brother, Evan, based heavily on older Zelda titles. It follows the quest of the child of a beggar as they fight to destroy ‘the demon lord.’ Over the course of time, they transform into the form of a wraith, a race that acts as the demon lord’s generals. It explores themes such as PTSD, warfare, and classism.

??? – An as-of-yet unnamed deck building game, where one player takes on the role of the villain, controlling monsters who face off against all the other players, who take on the role of heroes who are also trying to build up what begins as a small hamlet into a bustling city.