My name is Xavier, and I’m an aspiring author and video game designer. I have two main projects that I’m working on right now, summarized below, and I try to post short stories on a regular basis.

Recent Short Stories

Maxwell Novacek and the Son of Devils

When he attempts to visit his daughter for the first time in three years, Exorcist Maxwell Novacek is asked to investigate a potentially demon-possessed young man; but everything is not as it appears, and he must soon make a choice that will decide his future.

Aurora’s Demise (Lorelai Epilogue)

Aurora was the high priestess for the Church of the Makers. When one of her most prized priestesses went missing, she pursued those who liberated her. But things didn’t go as planned, and now she must face the consequences.


“They say blood is thicker than water, and, sometimes, that’s true. Sometimes, your biological family is the best thing for you… But, sometimes, you’ve gotta walk away. Sometimes, you need to make a new family.”

Devilspawn is a character-driven urban-fantasy thriller that focuses on four main characters: the son of the Devil, as he challenges his father’s agenda, a Satanist daughter of hedonists, forced to question the way she was raised, a demon possessed drug addict, fighting for internal freedom, and a gay man, scarred by religious zealotry, who disregards his own problems while trying to keep his friends afloat. The novel tackles multiple difficult issues including religion, homosexuality/homophobia, drug abuse, and domestic abuse.

Devilspawn will be split into three volumes: A Demon in the Dark, an Angel in the Night; A Demon in the Day, an Angel in the Light; and A Demon in the Deep, an Angel in the Fight.


“In times of war, there are those which must shed their own humanity so that others can keep theirs.” -The Wraith Who Hates Violence

Kyklos is an action-adventure puzzle game (a la The Legend of Zelda) that focuses on a figure who comes to be known as Kako. Wielding a sword that absorbs the souls of those it strikes down, Kako fights against the army of the Demon King while slowly turning into a Wraith – an undead creature comprised of hate. The game will tackle issues such as PTSD, depression, the effects of war, and self-hatred, among others.

Kyklos is currently in an early development stage and I am hoping to release a gameplay demo by the end of 2023.