My name is Xavier, and I’m an aspiring author and video game designer. I have two main projects off-the-web that I’m working on right now, and two main projects on-the-web. You can find the latter, Isle of the Dreamer (here) and Lady Luck’s Chosen Few (here) in the sidebar on the right, and the former summarized below.

Devilspawn, Book I: A Demon in the Day, an Angel in the Night

“They say blood is thicker than water, and, sometimes, that’s true. Sometimes, your biological family is the best thing for you… But, sometimes, you’ve gotta walk away. Sometimes, you need to make a new family.” -Sam Flynt

Book 1 of a 2 book novel, Devilspawn: A Demon in the Day, an Angel in the Night follows two main characters. Agathon Grey is the titular ‘Devilspawn’ (and the angel in the night), who finds out towards the story’s beginning that he is the son of ‘The Satan’. Tara Jankovic is among a group of Satanists whom he befriends just before disappearing. The book tackles multiple difficult issues including religion, homosexuality/homophobia, racism (albeit subtly), drug abuse, and domestic abuse. I have just finished Book I’s second draft.

Divus (NP)

“In times of war, there are those which must shed their own humanity so that others can keep theirs.” -The Wraith Who Hates Violence

A video game produced with my brother, Evan, that focuses on the child of a beggar, named Quinn by default, in a Zelda-esque adventure. The story focuses on Quinn’s fight against ‘the demon lord’ and his army of otherworldly entities while vying with a society that hates him. Over time, he takes on the form of the Wraith, an elite fighting force in the demon lord’s army. The game will tackle issues such as PTSD, classism, and self-hatred.