Lady Luck’s Chosen Few: Getting Started

Your character is extraordinary. Not because they were born that way, but because they made themselves that way. They did something which garnered the attention of some cosmic force which now guides their path; perhaps they were a noble who chose to live a life of poverty, maybe they saved someone from the current of a raging river at the chance of their own peril, or maybe they’ve just never done what they’re told. New abilities come easy to them, and things often just go their way. This something that they did needn’t be anything particularly extraordinary, simply something that indicates that they do not go with the flow of things – that they are willing to go on their own path and make the world become whatever they envision for it to be.

Definition of Terms

  • Aptitudes: A set of special characteristics a character may have that gives them bonuses to their rolls or other special abilities.
  • Burn: Lower the max value of Luck.
  • Gain: Increase the max value of Luck or current value of Wealth.
  • Luck: One of the two ‘stats’ in the game. Its usage is described later on.
  • Spend: Lower the current value of a stat.
  • Restore: Increase the current value of Luck.
  • Wealth: The other of the two ‘stats’ in the game. Its usage is described later on.

Character Creation

Character Creation is simple. In order to play, you need only determine the following 4 things:

  1. Describe what your character looks like. Their skin color, hair color, haircut. Maybe describe a few special features – do they have a scar, tattoo, or birthmark in a visible location?
  2. Describe how your character acts. Are they timid or outgoing? Do they think through things with their head or their heart? Do they act impulsively or like to plan things out? Is there a nervous tic or catchphrase they have?
  3. What is your character’s background? Were they a sea captain, or a soldier in the royal army? Were they a farmer or a blacksmith? What culture are they from? You may choose up to three backgrounds, recommended to be their social class, occupation before adventuring, and culture. This will determine their starting knowledge.
  4. What turning point set them down the path they’re on? You don’t need to come up with a whole backstory, just one event or circumstance. The other PCs may or may not know what that turning point is. The rest of your character’s history can be determined as play goes on.

After determining these four things, Gain 10 Luck and 25 Wealth and play can begin. It’s recommended, however, that you Burn 5 of your starting Luck on Basic Aptitudes and Spend most of your starting Wealth on Adventuring Gear (including rations) before starting. Unless your GM specifies otherwise, assume your begin with common clothes and a backpack at no cost.


For those wanting to start the game with some abilities, but without actually choosing those abilities, some sample characters are listed below. These include aptitudes, equipment, and two backgrounds, so you’ll still need to choose your appearance, behavior, culture, and turning point, but this will get you well on your way much faster.


The Charmer excels in social interaction. They grew up in the noble courts of their native land, acting as an ambassador between their own state and another. As such, they have experience dealing with foreign cultures and with the upper echelons of society. However, something they did made them leave that life behind.

  • Starting Luck: 4
  • Starting Wealth: 0
  • Backgrounds: Noble, Diplomat
  • Aptitudes: Appearance, Bravery, Charisma, Empathy, Speech, Willpower
  • Belongings: Common Clothes, Backpack, Fine Clothes, Gambeson, Epee


The Dungeoneer excels in the unsavory arts. Growing up on the streets with little to their name, they are practiced in infiltrating places they’re not supposed to be and disappearing when necessary.

  • Starting Luck: 3
  • Starting Wealth: 0
  • Backgrounds: Street Urchin, Burglar
  • Aptitudes: Bravery, Coordination, Dexterity, Flexibility, Perception, Reaction, Steadiness
  • Belongings: Common Clothes, Backpack, Dagger, 15 meters of Rope, Thieves’ Tools, Grappling Hook, 10 Pitons, Hammer


The Enforcer excels in making war and keeping peace. They served in the military for a time, honing their combat skills until they decided it was time to pursue something else with their life. It helps they picked up a few things in repairing their equipment along the way.

  • Starting Luck: 4
  • Starting Wealth: 0
  • Backgrounds: Soldier, Blacksmith
  • Aptitudes: Bravery, Brawling, Constitution, Coordination, Endurance, Might
  • Belongings: Common Clothes, Backpack, Gambeson, Mace, Shield, Longsword


The Scholar excels in the acquisition of knowledge. They are well-versed in the art of gathering information from their time at a university, and have just decided to go out into the unknown to research things for themselves.

  • Starting Luck: 4
  • Starting Wealth: 0
  • Backgrounds: Noble, Student
  • Aptitudes: Creativity, Endurance, Intellect, Logic, Perception, Sanity
  • Belongings: Common Clothes, Backpack, Ink Pen and Well, Journal