Lady Luck’s Chosen Few: Aptitudes

Every PC has a list of Aptitudes – areas they excel in. Basic aptitudes cost 1 Luck each and assist a PC in completing actions (more details in the next section, Actions and Combat); Special Aptitudes provide other bonuses. Each Aptitude is defined below and can only be taken once.

In the Special Aptitudes list, two things are listed in parentheses after the title of the aptitude: The luck cost and any prerequisites. If prerequisites are separated by plus signs (+), they require all listed aptitudes; if they are separated by commas, they require only one of the listed aptitudes.

Basic Aptitudes

  • Bravery: Add 1 to any roll to resisting fear
  • Brawling: Add 1 to any roll involving punching, kicking, or grappling
  • Charisma: Add 1 to any roll where someone can be influenced by a forceful personality
  • Constitution: Add 1 to injury rolls or resisting physical ailments such as poison and disease
  • Coordination: Add 1 to any roll involving coordination of the body, such as a weapon swing, tumbling, or balancing
  • Creativity: Add 1 to any roll involving coming up with unique ideas or concepts for works of art
  • Dexterity: Add 1 to any roll involving fine motor movements of the hands, such as picking locks and pockets
  • Empathy: Add 1 to any roll to attempt to understand how another person is feeling or whether they are lying
  • Endurance: Add 1 to any roll to stay awake or push through exhaustion
  • Faith: Add 1 to any roll to appeal to a higher power or in dealing with a religious individual
  • Flexibility: Add 1 to any roll involving bending of the whole body, such as fitting into a tight spot
  • Hearing: Add 1 to any roll involving attempting to hear noises that are not immediately obvious
  • Intellect: Add 1 to any roll to retain information after learning it (adding to knowledge list)
  • Logic: Add 1 to any roll attempting to discern the meaning of codes or process incomplete information
  • Might: Add 1 to any roll involving physical strength or brute force
  • Perception: Add 1 to any roll involving processing sensory information
  • Reaction: Add 1 to any roll to determine if a character can react to something in due time
  • Sanity: Add 1 to any roll to avoid being affected by trauma
  • Smell: Add 1 to any roll involving tasting or smelling something
  • Speed: Add 1 to any roll that has to do with moving (not reacting) quickly
  • Steadiness: Add 1 to any roll that requires a steady hand or body
  • Vision: Add 1 to any roll involving being able to see something that is not immediately obvious
  • Willpower: Add 1 to any roll requiring the character’s force of will

Special Aptitudes (WIP)

  • Addiction Resistance (2L; Constitution + Endurance + Willpower): +1 to rolls to resist addiction.
  • Barbaric Resolve (2L; Might + Willpower + Constitution): Increase your Constitution rolls by 1
  • Deadly Strike (2L; Brawling + Power Strike): Unarmed strikes can call for base 1 Constitution rolls instead of base 3 Resilience (causing injuries instead of fatigue)
  • Deft (2L; Reaction + Speed): Take 1 additional action on your Combat Turn
  • Dodge (1L; Speed + Reaction + Coordination): Increase your Defense threshold by 1
  • Dual Wield (2L; Coordination + Dexterity): A character can effectively wield 2 weapons at a time, and is capable of attacking with each weapon once per turn (thus having two total attacks).
  • Extra-Sensory Perception (2L; Perception): Obscured areas do not incur the usual penalty
  • Fortuitous (1L; Might): Required to wear certain armor
  • Heavy Hitter (1L; Might): Required to wield certain weapons
  • Immunity (1L; Constitution): +1 to all drug resistance rolls.
  • Low-Light Vision (2L; Vision): Treat dark Areas as dim and dim Areas as bright
  • Packer (1L; Might): Increase max carrying capacity from 6 items to 7
  • Power Strike (1L; Brawling): The base threshold for Resilience rolls resulting from unarmed strikes is 3 instead of 1
  • Runner (1L; Speed): The first time you move Areas in a turn, you may move 2 Areas instead of 1
  • Sensitive Nose (1L; Smell): You can taste and smell things that are generally considered tasteless or odorless (poisons, etc.)
  • Slowed Metabolism (1L; Constitution): Drug resistance rolls are made after double the normal time.
  • Tough Skin (2L; Might + Constitution): Increase your Defense threshold by 1